Life Insurance Conversion to Pay for Long Term Care Services

senior-coupleDavid Kitaen, a Marin County, California resident, and a specialist in long term care insurance, has been lobbying to make this option a reality. The possibility for those who do not have other meas or need an option, to convert their life insurance into long term care insurance to pay for their care as they age and need more assistance.

He addresses specially the home care agencies and say: “…Home Care Agencies- pay attention to this article on Long-Term Care Insurance- it’s a new spin on an old idea that many people wish in hindsight they had taken advantage of at a younger age. It IS important for Home Care Agencies to have EVERY EDGE when they are marketing themselves. There is no reason why your agency can’t become an expert in filing Long-Term Care Insurance claims….read on!


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2 Responses to “Life Insurance Conversion to Pay for Long Term Care Services”

  1. Connie kelly says:

    A great idea, save enough for final expenses and convert the rest to quality care while you are living.