Living Well High Tech Model Finds Support in Other Countries

Doris Bersing, PhD President and Co-Founder, Living Well Assisted Living at Home comments on the results of an AARP survey  that shows 89% of Americans do not want to leave their homes when they age. Most of these people will be live alone and receive support from a variety of health and community-based providers, family caregivers. Read Dr. Bersing’s article

How will the long-term care system provide care to a growing number of seniors living in increasingly scattered locations? And more importantly, how can that system continue to provide quality care in the face of workforce shortages, rising care costs and decreasing resources? Technology has the potential to play a critical role in launching a new model of geriatric care that allows older people to live independently for as long as possible, supports family caregivers in the important work they do and gives health care providers the tools they need to deliver high-quality care at a reasonable cost.[1]

The mix of caring people, technology, and expertise in gerontology is the key to being able to keep people living and aging within their own homes regardless of whether they are healthy and engaged or dealing with chronic physical illness or dementia.

[1] The State of Technology in Aging Services report (2008) by The Center for Aging Services Technologies  (CAST). You can download the report from their website

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