Quality Nursing Care is Key to Patient’s Recovery

Guest post by Melanie Bowen

When a person has been diagnosed with cancer, the news is quite devastating and usually unexpected. Daunting thoughts or a feeling of loneliness may easily present itself in the lives of these patients. This is especially true for individuals who live alone or for those who lack an understanding of the disease and are unaware of the various treatment procedures that are available to them.

A knowledgeable, licensed nurse who specializes in oncology can be of great assistance to a patient who suffers from cancer. This particular nurse will have the skills, knowledge, and compassion necessary to lead the patient in the direction towards obtaining good health. Having the assistance of a nurse during trying times can be extremely beneficial.

Nurses in the field of oncology can prove to be valuable to cancer patients, as these nurses provide answers to questions, clarify misunderstood answers, and explain treatment procedures. With the expertise of these nurses, they can guide patients in the direction of choosing a treatment plan that is best for them. Additionally, since these nurses are assigned to specific cases, they may likely have the time to lend a listening ear to their patients, as many of them will need someone to talk with.

Cancer patients can also benefit from oncology nurses because these nurses can help patients navigate through the complex maze of cancer tests and various forms of treatment. This navigation process provides patients with a list of treatment procedures available in addition to a thorough understanding of how these treatment procedures works. According to a 2012 study by the National Cancer Institute, a nurse navigation program involves oncology nurses who assist cancer patients through their treatment procedures. Nurse Navigators work with their patients from the diagnosis stage to the stage of being a survivor.
The relationship between a nurse and a patient during cancer treatment leads to reduce depression caused by cognitive and behavioral stress. This results in an increased number of cancer patients who have a positive outlook on life. These positive results are due to the daily activities, exercises, and emotional support that these nurses provide. With this needed assistance, many patients gain a new respect for life while shifting priorities and learning how to live life to the fullest.

The quality care that nurses provide leaves a significant impact on the lives of their patients concerning overall health and well-being. In addition to routine and follow-up care, these oncology nurses or navigators provide key intervention measures, which lead to the achievement and maintenance of good health.

These intervention measures may consist of providing follow up care, attending treatment programs, or lending a listening ear. Additional intervention measures may include provisions for daily activities or exercise regimens to keep patients healthy and active. Quality, nursing care can leave a positive impact on the lives of those who suffer from traumatic medical conditions. Whether the condition is a mesothelioma diagnosis, breast cancer treatment, or any other life threatening condition, or perhaps someone living in an assistant living home; quality, nursing care is key to a patient’s recovery both physically and mentally.


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