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We Need a Different Approach to Alzheimer’s and Any Other Type of Dementia

There is a myth in the eldercare field: “people with dementia, including Alzheimer’s need to leave their normal lives…and being institutionalized for their safety..”

At Living Well Assisted Living at Home, we are happy to offer smart technology and comprehensive services that allow people with dementia to continue with their usual lives.

To support this concept, USA Today has been publishing the “Blackwells’ journey into Alzheimer’s”. “…USA Today: Focus on the present helps couple handle Alzheimer’s. The reality of Alzheimer’s disease is different for everybody. Bob Blackwell, an Alzheimer’s Association early-stage advisor, and his  wife, Carol, choose to focus on the present when dealing with his diagnosis. They travel together and blog about their Alzheimer experience, and Bob continues to exercise and partake in photography, his favorite hobby. The couple also traveled to Washington, D.C., to lobby their elected officials at the Alzheimer’s Association Alzheimer’s Action Summit. Read the USA Today article

Bay Area House Call Dentists, A Living Well Partner in the News

Judy Richter,  wrote, special to The San Francisco Chronicle, a story on Monday, March 29, 2010, on how Bay Area House Call dentists work.

Bay Area House Call Dentists is a division of The Blende Dental Group. They start with respect and consideration, two important values at Living Well Assisted Living at Home, when handling the health and wellness of our members. They make regular dental care an important priority and offer house calls for dental patients with special needs who can’t easily get to a dental office, including patients with physical disabilities, emotional issues or phobias (some are so afraid of dentistry they need to be sedated for any kind of procedure).

Judy says  on her article”…Debbie Green’s 92-year-old aunt lost a front tooth, she needed a dentist. But Green knew getting her to one wouldn’t be easy.

For one thing, Green lives in Aptos (Santa Cruz County), and her aunt, Jean Christian, lives at Sunrise of San Mateo, a continuing care facility for seniors.

So Christian didn’t go to the dentist. The dentist went to her. A team from Bay Area House Call Dentists went to her apartment, evaluated her dental health and took X-rays. They discovered that besides a new tooth, she needed root canals and a crown – “a huge reconstruction of her teeth,” Green said.

Because she needed so much work, Bay Area House Call Dentists arranged transportation to its office in San Francisco, where all the work was done in about four hours. After a follow-up visit, “she did fine,” Green said. “She liked the people. They kept us informed.” Read the full article

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